Monday Roundup 10/20

A bit of a quiet week when it comes to those kinds of stories that really grab your attention in the legal world. Everyone seems more concerned with Ebola right now than anything else. Still, a few things did happen. Here’s a quick rundown:

National: A few more states started performing same-sex marriages, and the Supreme Court declined to block Texas’ voter ID law. This is a big defeat for the Obama administration, according to Lyle Denniston at SCOTUSblog. Coming on the heels of a decision to allow an injunction blocking the voter ID law in Wisconsin, this may demonstrate some real divisions among the Court when it comes to voter ID.

State: ILB has a nice summary of a fascinating fight that is brewing over the Indiana Toll Road now that the company the road was leased to in 2006 has declared bankruptcy. Privatizing the Toll Road was one of Mitch Daniels’ babies, but there has always been quite a bit of dissent among Hoosiers about it.

Local: Criminal courts were busy this week in Allen County, with sentences handed down in Superior Court for a drug-related shooting and child abuse, and in US District Court for drug trafficking and child pornography.

Following up on a case I mentioned back in August, Andres Gonzalez pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in Noble County Superior Court. His brother had previously pleaded guilty to helping dispose of her body.