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How to read a contract, or, The buyout of Tom Crean

For the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for something to post about, and then I asked myself, What have I been spending way too much time thinking about lately? Basketball, of course, was the obvious answer, and it dawned on me just yesterday: the questions floating out there about Tom Crean’s buyout clause offer me the perfect opportunity to change gears, do something fun, and shake the dust off the old typing fingers. Continue reading How to read a contract, or, The buyout of Tom Crean

What the President can and cannot do on immigration

Well, there’s pretty much one thing in the news this week – immigration. (Okay, two things, but we’ll tackle Ferguson in another post, if need be.) This is one of those national issues that everyone cares about, including Hoosiers, which is why I’m covering it here. Continue reading What the President can and cannot do on immigration

Monday roundup 10/6

This is more of a September Roundup, really. As promised, I am (finally) back. My goal with this blog is to have more in-depth content and less filler, so I might not post every day from here on, but the posts should be longer with more original thought. But I do plan on keeping the Roundup around. Once a week, just to catch things that slipped through the cracks. Continue reading Monday roundup 10/6

Monday roundup 8/25


Two men were sentenced in separate cases on Friday involving children, one for child abuse and one for molestation. Both received 12 years.


Indiana is currently not enforcing the right-to-work law, after two judges have ruled it unconstitutional. The Governor believes the law will be upheld, but in the meantime, is following the direction of the courts. I think he learned his lesson about messing with judges. H/t ILB.


The Obama administration has come up with new birth control rules that comply with the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling. SCOTUSblog has the details.