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Pence’s news service – threat to freedom of the press?

It was reported yesterday that Governor Pence will be launching a state-run news service called “Just IN” come February.  It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that this move has been met with scorn in a number of corners. Continue reading Pence’s news service – threat to freedom of the press?

Monday roundup 8/25


Two men were sentenced in separate cases on Friday involving children, one for child abuse and one for molestation. Both received 12 years.


Indiana is currently not enforcing the right-to-work law, after two judges have ruled it unconstitutional. The Governor believes the law will be upheld, but in the meantime, is following the direction of the courts. I think he learned his lesson about messing with judges. H/t ILB.


The Obama administration has come up with new birth control rules that comply with the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling. SCOTUSblog has the details.

Pence reinstated as marriage defendant

Judge Richard Young removed Governor Pence as a defendant in the marriage cases after buying Pence’s argument that he didn’t have the authority to actually enforce the marriage laws. After finding out that Pence purported to exercise exactly that authority, the Judge has put his name back on the file. File this under “Watch Out for Watchful Judges.”